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Our Mission

Founded in 2020, Examined Life is a collective of therapists committed to innovation in the theory and practice of psychotherapy. EL aims to be life enhancing, helping people make sense of the extraordinary challenges of simply being human. Central to our mission is serving the public by demystifying therapy and offering a vibrant range of related services. We take pride in our distinctly interdisciplinary viewpoint, wedding the perspectives of culture, art and literature to pluralistic theories of personality development. We believe that childhood attachments and experiences have an influence on the adults we become, but we also think that awareness of past influences allows us to make healthier choices in the present. We believe our sense of self is based on and developed through our relationships, including the one co-created in the therapeutic space. We believe that therapy can help with the problems of living, and is also helpful for anyone wanting to understand more about oneself and others. At EL, the inner work of therapy is joined with deep thinking and exploration about challenges in our outer life through our writing, events and social engagement.

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