Individual Psychotherapy

From £100

Psychotherapy can help with a vast range of issues, and in many ways no problem is too big or too small for therapy. At Examined Life, we believe in demystifying therapy, making it accessible, lively, engaging, and deeply helpful. Therapy is a space for transformation, growth, acceptance, and insight. It’s also a fascinating process, and the relationship itself is what makes therapy most effective. Our therapists are highly experienced and professionally seasoned, and also embody personal qualities that encourage rapport, rigorous understanding, and development.

Relationship Therapy

From £130

Relationships can be utterly worthwhile, and they can also be unbelievably challenging. We are here to help, support, and guide couples through various stages. People benefit from relationship therapy when things are at crisis point, and also to improve something that is good and strong and needs a bit of bolstering. Therapy can help when things are tough, and therapy can also make good relationships even better.

EL for Business

There is a growing awareness that emotions are not something we can check at the door when we arrive at work – they are hard wired in us and show up whether we like it or not. EL offers a range of bespoke services for corporate clients including wellbeing workshops, emotional health ‘office hours,’ reflective groups & individual therapy.

EL Groups

From £60 per person

Reflective groups are a time to come together and share learning, insights and experiences on a range of themes pertaining to emotional wellbeing. Facilitated by a psychotherapist, EL groups combine theory with experiential practice in a friendly and relaxed environment.

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