For Business


Wellbeing Workshops

Examined Life delivers interactive mental wellness workshops in the workplace on topics ranging from Mental Health 101 to Avoiding Overwhelm. Working with your organisation, a dedicated EL professional develops a bespoke experience for your employees on a topic of your choice, incorporating scientifically-backed theory and practical application.

Reflective Groups

Dedicated time and space for up to 15 people to meet (90 minutes) regularly for thematic discussions.

Therapy for Business

We have a team of psychotherapists and coaches available to support employees on an individual, ‘couple,’ or team basis. Each business engagement is tailored to the specific organisation’s needs.

Office Hours

It is also possible to have an EL therapist on site to offer in-person one-to-one sessions. EL Office Hours allow for private Q&A as well as targeted support on an ad hoc basis.

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