Continuing Professional Development

At EL, we feel strongly that learning never ends. We are continually discovering, progressing and growing, and we have once monthly meetings on a range of fascinating topics, bringing in speakers from all walks of life, including philosophers, writers, business leaders, doctors, artists, activists and psychotherapists. Our meetings are lively, intensely engaging, and connect us to the world in a vibrant, life-enhancing way that is core to our ethos. For the time being, all CPD events will take place online. 


January 29 – Alex Holmes – Mental Health Advocate, Writer & Podcaster Vulnerability & the Courage to Make Stories Our Own


February 12 – Leslie Bennetts – Journalist & author of The Feminine Mistake:  Are We Giving Up Too Much? on the topic of empowering women in a patriarchal world 


March 2 – Dr. Frank Tallis – Writer & Clinical Psychologist

In discussion about his latest book, The Act of Living:  What the Great Psychologists Can Teach Us About Surviving Discontent


March 12 – Dr. Rupert King – Existential Psychotherapist & Academic Advisor

De-Mystifying the ‘Ologies’: Insights into Ontology, Epistemology & Phenomenology


April 9 – John-Paul Flintoff – Writer, Artist, Speaker & Podcaster

On his book A Modest Book About How to Write An Adequate Speech & on Finding Your Voice


May 7 – Kitty Hagenbach – Prenatal, Child, Adolescent, Adult & Family Psychotherapist, Co-Founder of BabiesKnow 

Understanding Human Development from Conception Onwards


June 4 – Mark Vernon – Psychotherapist & Writer

Spirituality, Inner Life & Psychotherapy


We also have a monthly reading group/learning circle.  If you are a mental health professional and interested in joining our any of our events, please get in touch.



EL has a number of workshops developed and delivered by our team of psychotherapists. We will be formulating our 2021 calendar shortly. Please register interest below and we will be in touch when dates become available.


Workshop topics include:


– Coming Back: How Covid Changed Us, How We Move Forward

– Living an Examined Life:  Building Self-Awareness

– Demystifying Psychotherapy

– Unleashing Creativity

– Understanding Desires

– Why We Eat What We Eat:  The Psychology of Eating Habits

– The Psychology of Money:  An Exploration of Money, Values & Self-Worth

– Singled Out: Why is Finding Love So Elusive?

– Taming Your Inner Critic

– Making Conflict Constructive

– The Middle Passage:  Midlife as a Period of Growth & Transformation 

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